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Research Interests:


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Book Chapters:

Regis Luca, and Jevtić Petar. "Stochastic Mortality Models and Pandemic Shocks" Pandemics: Insurance and Social Protection. Springer, Cham, 2022. 61-74.

Technical Reports:

[5]  Wilmer Martinez, Kyran Cupido (Co-PI), Jevtić Petar (PI) and Su Jinaxi (Co-PI), "(Social) Determinants of the Demand for Life Insurance". Aug. 2022, SOA Research Institute

[4] Boyle Esther, Sterner Beckett (Co-PI), Jevtić Petar (PI). "Emerging Risks in the Health Sector: Changing Species Distributions and Seasonality". Jul. 2021, The Society of Actuaries (SOA).

[3] Boyle Esther, Pesic Sasa, Jevtić Petar (PI), Boscovic Dragan (Co-PI)."Peer-to-Peer Insurance: Blockchain Implications". Mar. 2021, The Society of Actuaries (SOA).

[2] Boyle Esther, Sterner Beckett (Co-PI), Kinzig Ann, Jevtić Petar (PI)."New Fire Hazard Risk from Policy Responses to Climate Change". Feb. 2021, The Society of Actuaries (SOA).

[1] Jevtić Petar (PI), Chen Yan (Co-PI) and Shi Yue. "Loss modeling for rollover of autonomous vehicles". Nov. 2019, The Society of Actuaries (SOA).

Refereed Conference Papers:

[1] Carvalhaes Thomaz, Inanlouganji Alireza, Boyle Esther, Jevtić Petar, Pedrielli Giulia, and Reddy Agami, "A Simulation Framework for Service Loss of Power Networks under Extreme Weather Events: A Case of Puerto Rico" In 2020 IEEE 16th International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE) (pp. 1532-1537). IEEE.

Submitted papers:

[3] Chiardona Stefano, Jevtić Petar, Lanchier Nicolas and Pesic Sasha. "Framework for Cyber Risk Loss Distribution of Client-Server Networks: A Bond Percolation Model and Industry Specific Case Studies". 

[2] Cupido Kyran, Jevtić Petar and Boonen Tim. "Space, Mortality, and Economic Growth"

[1] Boyle Esther, Jevtić Petar and Regis Luca "Matrix Variate Distributions as a Tool for Insurers and their Application to Natural Hazard Loss Modeling".

Funding: To support my research and my students, I was fortunate to get multiple grants from the Society of Actuaries (SOA), Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS), and grants from federal agancies such as NSF, DHS and USAID.